Source code for fastr.utils.cmd.pylint

import argparse
import os
import subprocess

from fastr.utils.cmd import add_parser_doc_link

[docs]def get_parser(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description="Run pylint in such a way that the output is written to a file") parser.add_argument('--output_file', metavar='PYLINT.OUT', required=True, type=str, help='The file to result in') return parser
[docs]def run_pylint(out_file, pylint_args): print('Saving result to {}'.format(out_file)) with open(out_file, 'w') as fh_out: print('Running: pylint {}'.format(' '.join(pylint_args))) proc = subprocess.Popen(['pylint'] + pylint_args, stdout=fh_out) proc.wait(timeout=600) # Max 10 minutes
[docs]def main(): """ Tiny wrapper in pylint so the output can be saved to a file (for test automation) """ parser = add_parser_doc_link(get_parser(), __file__) args, unknown = parser.parse_known_args() output_file = os.path.abspath(args.output_file) run_pylint(output_file, unknown)
if __name__ == '__main__': main()